Love reef, stop heat
t-shirt design

For my brother, a keen diver, on his birthday, I developed this t-shirt design.

I was a bit rusty at print design so this was a nice refresher.

1. Sketch

I had the idea of a graphical / simple representation of a coral reef.

I wanted to have a small badge-like version for the front of the shirt and a larger version for the back.

I played with a few variations of the text and placement.

2. Vector

I vectorised the text and illustration. As with any hand lettering project, the lettering required a lot of manual tweaking.

For this I used Affinity designer, which I'd never used before, because I didn't want to pay for a month of Adobe (and I'd recently used up a free 7 day trial doing some other personal work). For a simple print file, it did the trick, although it took me a while to figure out exporting it with a transparent background.

3. Print

I printed a white stroke version for a black t-shirt and a black stroke version for a white t-shirt.

I like the white t-shirt better but I'm more of a black t-shirt wearer myself.