Eleanor Paxman: Product Designer

In my 14+ years of experience in a broad range of design roles and contexts, my career expertise could be summarised as this: evolving products.

My expertise in product design for data-driven applications draws from a wide range of experiences in designing for mobile apps, games, logos and branding.

Although products can be released, I understand they are never 'done'. Everyone needs the products they use to evolve with them as technology marches forward and their expectations change.

Case studies

Evolution of roles: Retain Cloud (2019)

retain cloud role details page ui

End-to-end design of a set of features for a new cloud product

Static to interactive: QAGOMA Map (2016)

map in use on an iPad

End-to-end design and development of a map tool for the QAGOMA website

Personal work

Love reef, stop heat: t-shirt design (2021)

t shirt white back

Contact me

I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia and working remotely.

To get in touch with me, please contact me via Linkedin.